Why Dallington?

  • Ofsted Outstanding in all areas (2018)
  • Founder and Headteacher Mogg Hercules, MBE holds a Ted Wragg Lifetime Achievement Award with distinction
  • Both Lower and Upper Nursery led by long standing and loyal Qualified Teachers working with NVQ3 trained TAs
  • A rich and varied topic-based curriculum taught by specialists throughout the school
  • In Year 6, most children gain a place at one of the highly competitive independent London day schools

Everything You Need To Know

We have two floors of Early Years provision (Lower Nursery and Upper Nursery) known collectively as the Foundation Stage. Although we are physically on two floors we are one unit and work together as a team with fully qualified teachers working with experienced, NVQ3 early years practitioners, several of whom have been with us for over twenty years.

The school day begins at 8:40 a.m. and comes to an end at 3:25 p.m., with a selection of after-school clubs running from 3:45 p.m. until 4.45 p.m. or 5.15 p.m. (depending on the activity).

Our after-school clubs cover a spectrum of entertaining and educational activities including fencing, Irish Dance, yoga, football, science, music and art.

We encourage our children to bring in a healthy lunch and we provide nutritious snacks twice a day.

Fees banding Per term
Nursery (Foundation Stage 1 - Age 3 to 4) £3,326.00
Nursery (Foundation Stage 2 - Age 4 to 5) £3,425.00

Children aged 3 and 4 years will benefit from The Government Eligibility Grant, which is revised annually, as part of our Early Years Development Partnership with the Borough of Islington.

Settling In & Communication

We will work with you to ensure your child’s first entry into school life is a happy one and that they have the best possible start. We want to build those foundations for future, lifelong learning.

We know that the settling in period is an emotional time for both child and parent. We are very flexible when children first join us about how you wish to settle your child in and it depends on your child. You can leave your child for an hour and then come back or until lunchtime and build this up over time.

We have an open door policy throughout the school and drop-off and pick-up are from the classroom, giving you an opportunity to have a catch-up with our staff or indeed, for us to feedback personally any highlights of the day. We also have regular parent/teacher meetings.


The environment that we provide ensures that the children are stimulated and challenged and it evolves and changes according to the children’s needs and interests, so we are flexible in this way.

Throughout our nurseries, we aim to develop increasing levels of independence and confidence, whilst supporting all areas of the curriculum. The children are taught in a multi-sensory way, adopting a child centred approach to education where the development of the ‘whole child’ is valued.

We want your children to have their own thoughts and opinions, so they question the world around them and want to discover more. We want them to love school and to feel confident and happy about who they are and to enjoy revealing new interests and skills.



We follow the EYFS curriculum, adopting a cross curricular, topic-based approach, which continues throughout our school. There is a balance of both child initiated activities and adult led activities. Through observing children carefully we learn ‘how’ your child learns. This then helps us plan effectively for individual needs.

In Lower Nursery the children begin weekly music sessions with our music teacher and this continues in Upper Nursery.

You can view the lower nursery routine here.

In Upper Nursery, the children are then introduced to Swimming, Dance, French and Sport. We gradually introduce technology from an early age, using computers, iPads and programmable toys as well as digital photography.

Observing, Planning and Recording

Through our ongoing observations of the children, we can make informed decisions about how best to support your child’s next developmental needs. This also helps the children work towards the Early Learning Goals as set out in the Early Years Profile.

The children’s achievements are recorded both physically in their work and digitally on their own personal online profile; a digital scrapbook to which you, as a family can also contribute.

The atmosphere we create at Dallington nurtures the individual and provides a happy, supportive and stimulating environment. This is the beginning of their Dallington journey!

  • ...always find Dallington a delight! Well prepared and lovely, confident children!

    Head Master
    North Bridge House School
  • The freedom to shine creatively - when we visited we were struck by the extent to which self-expression is encouraged

  • What I like most is the warmth of the staff and their genuine care for our children.


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