Why would you choose our school over another?

"...children should be included in their learning and listened to, as they express(ed) their thoughts, ideas and opinions..."  Mogg Hercules MBE
“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” William Butler Yeats
"I believe this passionately that we don't grow into creativity; we grow out of it or rather we get educated out of it."  Sir Ken Robinson

Our children are celebrated for their individuality and are encouraged to be independent, free-thinkers.  Self-regulated learners who are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them.  Our children are happy in their learning and they run into school...

  • We have been at the forefront of progressive, holistic education since 1978 - founded by Mogg Hercules MBE - maverick, innovator, passionate educator who paved the way...
  • We are a truly independent family owned school
  • We have always offered a creative, broad and balanced topic-based curriculum which contextualises the children's learning
  • The Performing Arts are woven throughout every child's week
  • Our children enjoy a multitude of experiences throughout their Dallington Journey - every child has a talent to be ignited
  • Our teachers team teach, allowing them to collaborate and play to their strengths
  • We have a stunning building - 5 floors of bright, airy, high-ceilinged open-plan learning areas
  • We allow our children time to flourish at their own pace
  • We value independence and nurture autonomous, free-thinkers
  • We value every child as the unique individual that they are and tailor their experience accordingly
  • We do not teach to test - our children work towards external exams in a supportive environment that celebrates personal development and success.  This impacts positively on their achievements 
  • We encourage all children to read or be read to daily
  • We have an Outdoor Learning and Residential programme
  • We are non-selective & don´t have a uniform
  • ​We have high adult-to-child-ratios
  • Our nursery is led by an experienced, qualified EYFS Teacher working with NVQ3 trained TAs