'It's a little village school in central London.' 

​We would like to share with you positive words about our school from parents, children and receiving schools.

"We always look forward to meeting children and their families from Dallington. The ethos of Dallington and that at St Chris is very closely matched and so we always know that we are going to be meeting friends with like minds. The children that come to us from Dallington are free spirits, independent learners and are encouragingly curious about the world around them. When they join us they do so with ease, fitting in like they've always been here. The staff at Dallington are kind and child-centred and certainly in our experience give outstanding future schooling advice." Richard Palmer MCCT FRSA  Head, St Christopher School, Letchworth @stchrishead​

“Dallington students are a delight to work with, they arrive to NBH well prepared and confident, immediately becoming assets to our school community.“ Georgina Montanaro, NBH Admissions Manager 

Girls from Dallington are open-minded, polite, sensible, happy and well balanced,  bright eyed and eager to learn. Queen's College.    

We are grateful that the school has emphasised wellbeing and social joy over conventional study after such a long period of online learning and lockdown. Current Parents Ariella and Mihail 

What a wonderful job your teachers are doing. I can only imagine all the hard work behind the scenes offline to put together such a successful online schedule for the kids. Their days are thoughtfully planned out. Every piece of work, big or small that (my daughter) has submitted has been carefully considered and commented on with such encouragement. Her teachers are working well into the night and on weekends, something we as parents are very aware of and extremely grateful for.Learning comes easy to (my daughter) and it’s her emotional well-being that I have sometimes worried about...Having face time with her teachers and friends every   morning has been really important for her. Their 1:1 sessions are a nice top up for the week and something she really looks forward to. Not all schools are able to keep this personal contact with the children and this has been a really wonderful part of the hub......witnessing Angela and her team do their magic with the kids is very inspiring. She jokes with the kids about having super powers but there must be something in the water at Dallington. Thank you again." Current Parent (February 2021)

"Just a quick note to say a million thanks for the extraordinary effort everyone at Dallington has put in to keep the children learning this term, not just for their intellectual and creative development but emotionally. Outside family, school is their main framework and the fact that you kept it functioning at all during a pandemic, but that you did so with such resourcefulness, care, flexibility and joy is mind boggling to me. It’s not just our NHS workers who are heroes, but our teachers!! Thank you for keeping our boys stimulated, inspired, and most importantly, happy during this tough tough time." Alyssia, Current Parent (December 2020)

I'm so impressed with the way that Dallington's swung into action - from a letter at 5.30 one afternoon to being totally up and running for home school by 9 the next morning is a massive achievement. The kids are totally engaged, and I can't thank Milko and Ed enough for their calmness in dealing with it all, and the way that they're keeping the kids enthusiastic. They're really happy, and so am I (and relieved!). Thanks everyone, and keep up with the good work, I really am seriously impressed.... Parent praising the Dallington Digital Hub

A wonderful first school for both my children - friendly and caring staff with a relaxed and cheerful attitude to education that gives confidence and an enthusiasm to learn that continues today. Thank you Dallington.  Sarah, Former Parent

My children went to Dallington School. One of the best decisions we made. Engligthened teaching, confident and happy children. We cherish the memories. Ferhan, Former Parent

Dallington is unique... both my children love it and have settled in extremely easily and quickly. The school and its community is very welcoming and friendly and has a real family and intimate feel, which is just what I wanted for our children after moving back to London from overseas. The teacher/child ratio is fantastic, allowing the children to soak up the teaching easily and in a personal way. The children enjoy mixing with the lovely older children which is great for their confidence and social skills. It's a little village school in central London. Parent

My son started at Dallington School ten months ago. He is in the lower nursery. We are extremely happy with the school. My son is very happy, and his confidence has grown. He is excited about learning. The school has a lovely and nurturing atmosphere. Staff are so lovely. Each child is treated as an individual with their own specific needs and talents. I would recommend Dallington School to any parent who is looking for a school providing high standards of education while making sure children are improving in all aspects of life. Parent

Dallington School is an excellent nursery with a warm, creative, nurturing environment. It has the right mix of discipline, free play and group activities. The staff love working there and it shows in their relationships and works with the children. The important thing is that it's not just a nursery, but also part of a school with all the ethos that goes along with that. Children also have opportunities to meet kids in other class years, and the older children are very welcoming and big brother/sister like with the younger ones. Parent

Amazing nursery and school with a fantastic staff and very happy children! The care and attention kids receive is phenomenal. Our son loves his school and teachers, he happily runs to Dallington every morning! Parent

Dallington is a wonderful school: open, inclusive and highly supportive of both the children in the school and the parents and carers of those children. They strongly encourage curiosity and build that wonderful and all too rare trait of a genuine love of learning. The nursery in particular has provided both of my children with a brilliant start to their educational journey, despite their very different personalities and approaches. Both my children truly love school, which says it all! Parent

Dallington is one of the few non selective coeducational child led learning schools I have come across in England. It is a warm, creative, open minded and high achieving (without the 'hothouse' type school pressures or concerns) school. Children here are happy, kind, community minded and they get a superb education - both academically and how to be good people in the world. I think this is a very special and unique place. Not uptight and bureaucratic, yet very well run and professional. Parent

My son loves the time he spends at Dallington. The teachers are friendly, professional and are proactive in his development. Learning is fun, his reading, writing and confidence has improved considerably. We're really pleased that we've chosen Dallington for our son, it's the perfect school for him. Parent

Dallington is a wonderful nursery that understands and thrives in the knowledge that children are individuals that have their own needs and develop at their own different speeds. They encourage diversity and creativity in all that a child can, and wants to do, which is an extremely refreshing and positive attitude. Parent

Both my sons have had, and continue to have, a wonderful time at Dallington despite their very different requirements and personalities and I would recommend it as a nursery to any parent. Parent

It has given my kids a great start in their educational journey. Parent

I had always intended for my son to attend a private school. Though the principles of the education were exactly what I wanted for my child, allowing the child to be a child, to grow into who they should be instead of forcing round pegs into square holes and chastising the child for not being square; there were aspects that I felt were a little cold when I attended open days. Parent

Dallington is the perfect fit, it not only offers the aforementioned education but it offers it in a warm and family like environment. Children grow up together in small classes with low teacher to student ratios. My son has been with Dallington for 6 months and I can already see his confidence has grown. Old students return to help out at fetes and the parents that I have spoken to who have sent their younger children to Dallington speak of an inner happiness and genuine love for education in the older children that attended Dallington. The two things that I want most for my child! Parent

Dallington creates a wonderful nurturing environment for the children. I have had experience with other nurseries and what I particularly like about Dallington is that the staff are experienced individuals who have been with the school for a long time. Every one of them takes an interest in your child as an individual. Great feedback on progress both on a formal basis but also through the term. I feel that they provided all of my children with a good foundation from which to start their more formal schooling. Parent

Dallington nursery is an extremely supportive environment where children can learn, explore, be creative and develop as individuals with confidence. When you go to pick the kids up it is clear that they are extremely focused in whatever activity they are doing. I think also it encourages curious minds, which is great. Parent

The teachers at the nursery are great. They are so devoted and love and take care of the kids so much. You could tell they are really interested in the development of the children and are always so proud of them. The teachers are very communicative and keep us updated with everything related to my son whether in relation to his development, interests, achievements etc... And always praise him. Something that we do appreciate very much. Parent