Further Education qualification(s): BA Management Studies; PGCE Primary

What qualities do you need to work at Dallington?  Sense of humor, love of learning and some anti bacterial hand gel.

What is unique about Dallington?  A school where the children don’t want to leave at the end of a day (no matter how much you plead and bribe ;))

How many years have you been working with children and how many of those have been at Dallington?  5,2  

What do you hope to imbue in the children?  To be passionate and stand up for what they believe in

What is your favorite aspect of your work?  The Nadiya from Bake Off moment for the children who weren’t so confident initially. “I'm never gonna say ‘I can't do it.’ I'm never gonna say 'maybe'. I'm never gonna say, 'I don't think I can.’ I can and I will." *wells up

What are your interests and how do they impact on your time with the children?  I LOVE art so expect color, clothes covered in paint and inspiring classroom displays ‘exhibitions’ of the children’s work.

Who or what inspires you?  Sam Mills ‘Milko’. The dude is a hero! 

What is the hardest thing you have ever done? This biography!   

Tell us a funny children’s anecdote...  We were looking at ambitious vocabulary and I asked the class if they knew what the word ‘inquire’ meant. One child answered, “It’s when you sing in church.”

If you had a wish, what would it be?  Easy. 100 more wishes. 

What was your experience at your school?  I remember spending a lot of time applying PVA to my fingers and peeling it off. So definitely worthwhile. 

What do you wish you had known at school that you know now?  That Leonardo Di Caprio could pull off curtains and I sadly could not.

What makes you happy/sad?  Happy = food. Sad = when people say, “Let’s not bother with pudding.” 

Tell us something you have learned from a child...  How to floss (the dance! Not teeth).

Tell us a secret…  I have an irrational fear of squirrels. Feel so much better getting that off my chest.

Tell us a joke!  Sleep is my favorite thing in the world. It’s the reason I get up in the morning.

If you could learn anything, what would it be?  How to join a gym and actually go to it.

If you weren’t in the job you are now, what would you like to do or be?  Making 90's R&B playlists for Spotify. 100%.