Further Education qualification(s)

BA Honours Design (Edinburgh College of Art)

What qualities do you need to work at Dallington?

A passion for certain areas of the curriculum...and beyond… An ability to think out of the box, a can do positive attitude, kindness, resilience and a sense of humour as well as patience are essential.

What is unique about Dallington?

Its rich creativity, informality and stunning results. Underestimate us at your peril!

How many years have you been working with children and how many of those have been at Dallington?

I have been working as a teacher for 24 years 21 of them at Dallington!

What do you hope to imbue in the children?

Belief in themselves. From the highest flyer to the child who struggles… believe in yourself and strive to find your passion and reach your potential… reach for the sky.

What do you like to teach most?

Normally inaccessible subjects; The Classics, Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, Herodotus and Shakespeare.

What are your interests and how do they impact on your time with the children?

Art, music, classics, ancient history, writing. Dallington is such a creative place, art and design is incorporated in almost every subject, for example as well as art lessons the children design and make their own books as well as produce beautifully illustrated projects.

Who or what inspires you?

People who succeed against the odds.

If you had a wish, what would it be?

That all children had equal opportunities.

What was your experience at your school?

A Great experience. My mother had her own school in Scotland and I was in her class! We lived 24 miles from the nearest town surrounded by beautiful countryside. Secondary school was a fantastic school 7 miles from home on a school bus. The teachers were kind and supportive.

What do you wish you had known at school that you know now?

Never to judge people too quickly. Realise the incredible power and potential you have at 16, 17,18…

What makes you happy/sad?

Happy - Helping a child achieve something they thought was impossible or igniting a passion for a subject.

Tell us something you have learned from a child...

To tell it like it is…or try to at least.

Tell us a secret…

I am related to a famous pirate.