Further Education qualification(s):


Place of Study:

London Metropolitan University

Part Time/Full Time?

Full time

What qualities do you need to work at Dallington?

A commitment to children’s education and wellbeing.

What is unique about Dallington?

It is a delightfully friendly and welcoming school that I had been looking for, for many years.

How many years have you been working with children and how many of those have been at Dallington?

I have been working with children in teaching since 2008 and have just started this year, September 2015, at Dallington.

What do you hope to imbue in the children?

A sense of enjoyment in coming to school. They should also feel a sense of pride in their work and a growing confidence in their abilities.

What do you like to teach most?

I have specialised in working in the Early Years as I think it is a wonderful opportunity to show children how much fun can be had in learning through play.

What are your interests and how do they impact on your time with the children?

I enjoy reading as often as possible and have a great collection of children’s books. I play guitar fairly well and have other musical instruments (melodica, autoharp, tenor saxophone, clarinet, stylophone, Omnichord) that I have used extensively with this age group.

Who or what inspires you?

Wonderful illustrators.

What is the hardest thing you have ever done?

Attempting to become proficient in learning German when my first son was born, to a German wife... I didn’t succeed.

Tell us a funny children’s anecdote...

A Year 1 Class I was teaching, during December, were talking about whether Santa was real or not. After some discussion, one child declared that Santa wasn’t a man or anybody’s dad, because, “It’s my mum, I saw her when I pretended to be asleep but she told me not to tell anyone. So don’t tell her I told you.”

If you had a wish, what would it be?

Is world peace, equal rights and justice still available?

What was your experience at your school?

Not exciting enough to be given as an answer on a questionnaire.

What makes you happy/sad?

Happiness comes in discovering and collecting old vinyl records and sadness in watching a good Douglas Sirk film.

Tell us something you have learned from a child...

You can’t laugh uproariously if your mouth is full of milk, without there being noticeable consequences involving your nose.

Tell us a secret…

Underneath all my clothes, I’m naked.

Tell us a joke!

A person enters a pet shop and says,

“I’d like to buy a wasp please.”

The shopkeeper replies, “Sorry, but we don’t sell wasps.”

The customer replies, “Funny, you had one in the window the other day.”

If you could learn anything, what would it be?

To play the piano so beautifully that it would make people cry with delight.

If you weren’t in the job you are now, what would you like to do or be?

An in-demand, well-respected and influential musician.