The only thing better than singing is more singing. Ella Fitzgerald.

Everyone sings... every day in the nursery and at least twice a week in the school.

Lower Nursery 

In Lower Nursery, we begin with familiar songs, rhymes and stories, gradually expanding the repertoire and linking with class projects.  The children participate in games and movement activities to develop musical concepts of pulse, pitch and rhythm.  We work with percussion instruments and learn about fast and slow, loud and soft, high and low pitch.  Learning about pulse is consolidated using our bodies to march, clap and stride in time to the beat.  The emphasis is on enjoyment and having fun with music.

Upper Nursery 

In Upper Nursery, we sing a wide range of different songs linked to curriculum projects.  The children play tuned and untuned percussion, developing simple accompaniments to songs and stories.  We work on musical concepts of pulse, pitch, rhythm, dynamics and expression.  By listening to music, children begin to recognise different instruments and styles.  


In Transition, the children learn a wide variety of songs linked with class project themes.  They start to sing in two and three part rounds and explore using vocal and instrumental backings, working with tuned and untuned percussion. Musicianship explores using Sol-fa (do re mi) to differentiate pitch, time signatures, tonality, pulse, tempo and rhythm. 

Middle School

In Middle School, we further develop singing, musicianship and instrumental playing, linking with current class projects.  The children develop their unison, two and three part singing with attention to voice production, tuning, enunciation, performance and meaning.  They work with tuned and untuned percussion and in Years 5 and 6 keyboards, recorders and ukuleles are built in, to develop backings and musical structures.  Musicianship includes knowledge of pitch, pulse, tempo, tonality and form.  There is also opportunity to create musical patterns and structures. 

At this stage you can develop an interest in listening and discussing live and recorded music and supporting your child in their instrumental learning.  Some children enjoy making music with others and may wish to join choirs, orchestras and groups.

Individual Music Lessons

Individual music lessons are available in a wide variety of instruments from a talented and experienced group of visiting musicians.  Should your child be interested, please contact the Office.

Original Songs

Our Bursar, Abi, is a singer/songwriter who writes original songs for and with the children to perform and record.  We have recorded two school CDs with our Parent Band, which accompanies the children regularly at our two annual performances.