School Life

There is no typical day or week at Dallington.

Every child is a unique agent in their own learning journey; discovering, investigating, creating and communicating their interests.  Here at Dallington, we give them the space to do so.

There is no typical day or week at Dallington.  Our approach is based on children’s interests and enthusiasms.  We investigate themes and topics, through integrated projects, using both adult-led and child-initiated ideas and lines of inquiry. We provide a balance through flexible cross-curricular or skill specific sessions throughout the week, responding to the learning needs and dispositions of the children. This results in high levels of motivation, well-being and achievement.

Specialist-led activities, such as French, music, drama, circus and sport, are embedded in our curriculum. We provide a scaffold for active engagement, sustained shared thinking and creativity, through stimulating and cross-curricular projects.

Our timetabling results in an integrated week that flows, rather than falters within prescriptive and time-based constraints.  All this takes place within a caring school ‘family’ where the rights of the child are respected.