Recorder and Ukulele

Where words fail music speaks. Hans Christian Andersen.


The Recorder is a great introduction to woodwind instruments and to the joys of being a musician.  Furthermore, it is beneficial for improving fine-motor skills and coordination.  Recorder lessons are introduced in Year 2.  For many, this is their first experience of playing an instrument and reading music.  In Year 3, the children start to develop a broader understanding of musical notation, learning a wider range of notes on the instrument.  They discover more about rhythm and time signatures which can assist with their understanding of fractions. 

From Year 3, the children learn to play in two part groups, to develop an understanding of harmony and develop their performance skills, by taking part in the Christmas Carol Concert and an end of year Summer concert. 

The children are encouraged to work towards a Trinity Guildhall Initial grade in Recorder that can lead to higher grades in Years 5 & 6. 


The children are introduced to the Ukulele in Year 3 and those who are interested can join a Ukulele Club, which takes place weekly at lunchtime.  They learn a range of basic chords and a selection of different strumming rhythms and techniques.  The children learn how to play in groups with each other and also as an accompaniment to a melody, played on the recorder.  This helps in the understanding of how chords and melody interact.  The children are encouraged in Ukulele Club to compose their own songs, based on the chords they have learnt.