Positive Developments

We are delighted to share with you some positive school developments, some of which have already begun and others which will be introduced over the coming weeks and months. 

Learning Environments

In line with best practice and current research on effective learning environments, we have been introducing soft furnishings, flexible seating arrangements, state of the art auditory ceilings and softened lighting.  This will enable the children and their teachers to establish an even more effective and exciting approach to our open-plan classroom areas.

Furthermore, we have invested in a unique piece of library furniture for Middle School, to house our established and enhanced collection of books, as well as to display children’s artwork and plant life. It will also hold Mogg’s eclectic collection of Art and History books, which has evolved over many years and is her pride and joy (and still a vibrant learning resource!). This piece of furniture will offer two snug areas - for quiet reading, small group work or contemplation.

As part of planned improvements to the wider school environment, we will be brightening up our stairwell over the holidays, repainting the stairs and stairwell and installing nosing.


Behind the scenes, we continue to invest heavily in our curriculum, both in terms of resources and also professional development of our staff. Our Dallington curriculum is unique, rigorous, challenging and dynamic – we are continually evaluating and evolving to ensure that Dallington children are inspired to achieve in a learning environment that is relevant and exciting.

Outdoor Learning – Dallington / Really Wild

We have recently launched our new Outdoor Learning Programme, in collaboration with Really Wild Education. Really Wild are global leaders in this field and completely support what we want to offer our children. By taking our children into the wild and challenging them to see themselves as achievers, the programme is designed to ensure all Dallington children develop the skills and attitudes that will positively impact their wellbeing, self esteem and educational success, both now and into the future. The programme begins in Lower Nursery and develops throughout the school, culminating in unique experiences before the children move on to their senior schools. The inaugural residential trip saw Year 3 set off for East Sussex, where they applied themselves to fire-starting, knife skills, wood whittling, wild bread making & shelter building – all in the wild woods, where they camped for two fabulous days.

Over the coming weeks and months, every Dallington class will be availing of their own Really Wild experience – in school, in London and beyond.  As we look ahead to the new school year in September 2019, this programme will continue to evolve in ever more exciting ways but you can be sure that there will be wild challenges, adventures aplenty and massive fun ahead!

Global Citizenship

The Dallington Way incorporates the development of an understanding of and a celebration of global citizenship. As we build on the Dallington tradition of community awareness and responsibility, we aim to empower our children to see themselves as agents of change; active and informed individuals within a global community and with a voice that can be heard.

Playground Provision

We have begun to further develop our outdoor play provision at Seward Street, providing additional and diverse opportunities for play, including sand, water, digging and planting.  It is our intention to build some raised beds for school-wide planting projects and we look forward to developing this initiative in the coming school year.  As always, we welcome parental involvement, so if you are an expert or even just an enthusiast, your contribution and time are much appreciated.

STEM Developments

During the Easter holidays, we will be installing three new SMART Boards to further support and enhance our Teaching & Learning provision.  These will be in Transition, Upper Nursery and in Middle School. We are very grateful to Friends of Dallington for contributing to this development and we are absolutely sure that your children will be delighted with the new learning experiences that this technology will bring into the classrooms.

We have also been thrilled to welcome Milko back, currently developing his role as Science and Computing leader, which has allowed him to bring his passion for all things science to every child in the school. He will continue this role throughout the summer term, whilst he leads the development of the Dallington STEM Programme. This will also involve liaising with Maria on a potential collaboration with the Building Imagination Team, to incorporate cutting edge Coding and Robotics into the Dallington STEM curriculum.

Dallington is a small school but it continues to hold a unique place in the landscape of education – a vibrant oasis of creativity and learning; proudly and fiercely independent.

We are enthusiastic about the future, and committed to the future of our children and to the future of children yet to join us.