Physical Education

Champions keep playing until they get it right   Billie Jean King

Sports with our Coach

All children have two sports sessions per week, learning a variety of different skills.  They are introduced to competitive team games, such as cricket, football, netball, tennis, basketball, hockey, rounders and tag rugby.

See our Whole School Sports Curriculum Overviews below.

Gym in the Nursery

In weekly Nursery gym sessions, the children develop their physical and spatial awareness, basic control and coordination, through structured floor work and by using simple apparatus.  We focus on developing the skills of travelling, balancing and climbing, with a strong emphasis on listening and moving safely.  The children copy, remember, repeat and explore simple actions.  They also develop an understanding of simple tactics through turn taking games and develop their basic compositional ideas through music and movement. 

Middle School Kayaking  

During the Summer Term, children in Years 5 and 6 learn to kayak at Shadwell Basin with a qualified instructor. 


Swimming lessons start in the summer term of Upper Nursery (when children are 4).  We take the children to Ironmonger Row Pool for lessons. Pupils are challenged and assessed throughout the school year and we follow the ASA Plan for Teaching Swimming.