School motto:  'Value your own worth and understand the differences in others.'

The pastoral care of our children is of paramount importance to all staff members at Dallington as we pursue a caring, sharing way to educate.  All staff give the nurturing of their pupils priority and pride themselves on being available for parents, who may speak informally every day and phone or email the school.  Parents also attend formal meetings each term to discuss their child’s well being and progress, such access proves invaluable. The building of positive relationships between children, adults, parents and carers is central to life at Dallington. 

Children are taught in small groups where we give children the opportunity to see themselves as valued individuals, with a sense of self-worth and confidence, belonging to a welcoming, safe, calm and fair community.   Children discuss how they are feeling and are helped to develop strategies to manage their feelings.  A non-judgmental atmosphere is promoted - it is fine to make mistakes and learn from them.  Adults act as good role models of social conventions and interactions.

We encourage relationships that are built on mutual respect and consideration. Children address teachers by their first names.  Behaviour at Dallington has always been extremely good, nurtured by feeling valued as an individual and learning to appreciate how our actions can affect other people.