Hello, I am Abi Hercules. 

I have the privilege of being the Proprietor of our family-run school which was founded by my mum, with the support of my dad, in 1978.   I was in my mum's class back in 1978, for one year before going on to Francis Holland School, Clarence Gate for secondary education and then on to drama school (LAMDA).  I was a jobbing actor for many years and am a musician and singer-songwriter.

I have been involved in our school on and off in one way or another for most of my life; I would paint the walls and organise classrooms as a summer job in the early years of the School's life, was a Teaching Assistant (in all age groups) between acting jobs in the '90s, have been the Music Teacher, an Early Years Teacher, resident Songwriter, the Administrator and Bursar - supporting my mum to run our school in every way.  Suffice to say, this school runs through my veins!

I am immensely enthused and proud of my role as the guardian of Dallington and its core founding values.  I am involved in every aspect of our school, working closely with my Head and our loyal, experienced, outstanding staff to ensure that our unique setting continues to remain at the forefront of progressive, holistic, child-centred and creative educational practice.  The best interests of our children are at the centre of every choice we make and everything we say we do, we actually do!  We are honest and open and always true to our founding values.  That will never change.

Celebrating childhood, allowing our children to discover their passions and flourish in their own time...that's what we do and we shall continue to do that, unwaveringly, with conviction and passion despite the ever-mounting educational pressures that surround us. 

Come and be a part of something truly special..! Feel free to call if you'd like to learn more.

Best wishes,

07968 241 908