When I was passed the baton of Head by Mogg in April 2019, I stepped into some fierce and formidable shoes. The responsibility of upholding Mogg’s legacy, to honour the founding principles of the school that was her life’s work and to carry that torch into the future is a significant one, to say the least. A challenge, undoubtedly, but such an exciting one.

All my work and innovation over the past thirty-five years has been underpinned by my belief in every child’s fundamental right to experience an education that nurtures a belief in themselves as valued, empowered and informed; to be challenged to expect the best of themselves and of the adults in their lives, in school, in the home and in their communities. Thus I have always, in a parallel universe, been flying a Dallington flag; from my early days in Hackney and Islington, following the vapour trails to Cairo, Ireland and Borneo, with many fascinating postings in between.

Many of the children I have taught and worked alongside have been destined for positions of great influence in their countries. Nurturing these minds and helping them to deeply understand the world they will inherit has been the greatest responsibility and one that I continue to enjoy at Dallington.

Dallington in the 21st century is a vibrant centre of learning – with strong roots in the foundations laid by Mogg but with branches reaching into the future – embracing new technologies, seeking emerging opportunities and exploring new horizons. We will – in inimitable Dallington style – always be true to our founding ethos, whilst retaining the right to push boundaries, as we continue to provide an outstanding and evolving education for the children in our care.

We look forward to you joining us on this unique journey.

Maria Blake