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Professor Vaughan Grylls - Chair

I am an artist and I have lived in Islington since 1975.  I was the Director and Chief Executive of the Kent Institute of Art & Design or KIAD for short. In 2005 I joined it up with Farnham and Epsom art colleges to make a new art university of 7000 students because I am passionate about advancing the status and specialness of what the Government calls ‘the creative industries’. And the Government suddenly allowed it!  So when that was done I left pronto to get back to my own work full-time.   I first heard of Mogg’s new school and the good things she was doing not long after she started doing them. It sounded as though she was actually teaching kids from a very young age to think for themselves. I had not been taught that until I had got to college myself. It sounded like the best of a 1960s art college for kids but with much better organisation. I was very interested.

So all three of my children became Dallington kids.  First off was my daughter Sarah (or Pinny as she likes to be called).  Pinny never looked back after Dallington and went on to Francis Holland, Westminster and Oxford.  Actually she did look back when she learnt of her degree result because the very first person she rang from Oxford was not me or her mother but…..Mogg!  Once a Dallington child, always a Dallington child. Now she is a 29 year old documentary film-maker winning lots of awards. But she has never forgotten where her original approach to her work started. Hence that phone call.

My two younger children are Hattie and George. Hattie went to Francis Holland and George went to Westminster.

Hattie came to Mogg at 3, without any hair and after a difficult time. She had been diagnosed with Leukaemia at 2 and was treated successfully at Great Ormond Street and UCH for five difficult years. But Dallington was always there for us. So I have to confess that in agreeing to chair the governor’s meetings, it is my little way of saying ‘Thank You!’ You should know that. At Dallington, we see the Board as being a facilitator for the School, for you the parents and for the children.  Dallington’s Board of Governors will be the owners’ critical friend.

Fiona Naylor - Deputy Chair
I am a designer and have lived and worked in Clerkenwell for over twenty years and we are fortunate to live only 300m from Dallington School.My practise Johnson Naylor is located near Clerkenwell Green where we have a studio of 20 ish people working on a range of creative projects. Like many parents we heard about Dallington through friends and were pleased to find a creative, independent thinking school so close to home – now, years on we realise how lucky we are. We have three boys, all who were at Dallington from lower nursery.  Max, who later was Head Boy due to his calm independent thinking and social abilities (thank you Mogg), Felix and Theo.  We love and respect Dallington and Mogg’s philosophy for teaching and look forward to supporting the school for many years to come.

Cortina Butler - Ex-Parent Governor
I am a publisher and I bring experience of corporate management and communications to the Dallington Board.  My daughter Rosie was at Dallington from the age of 3 until she left in 2004 to go to Queen’s College. She was very lucky to have spent her junior school years at Dallington – her confidence, enthusiasm and delight in learning are the best possible tribute to the effectiveness of Mogg’s philosophy of education.  I will do anything I can to contribute to Dallington’s continuing success so that other families can have the experience that we did.

Lucy Clark - Parent Governor 

I would like to be a school governor because I think it’s important for the parents to have a voice on the board. I have 2 children who are incredibly happy at the school (and one who will hopefully join next year) and so it’s in my best interests - and theirs - to make sure the school is as good as it can be.  I believe the parents on the board can play a vital role in steering Dallington safely into its next era. As a journalist, I can bring excellent communication skills to the board, and I also have experience in the voluntary sector.

Amy Blier-Carruthers - Parent Governor 

The reason I love Dallington is that my kids skip and dance in and out of school every day with a smile on their faces and a song in their heart! They know they are happy, and so do I – it’s obvious every day what a joyful little tribe each class is. I also know from my interactions with the wonderful teachers (both informal and formal) that they really care about my kids as people, and they really see them. The end of year reports are amazing – they are a masterclass in how thoroughly and thoughtfully the teachers pay attention to the qualities and progress of my child. I also think that the parents here are a unique group of kind, creative, and like-minded people who value childhood, freedom and individuality, and who, like me, value how much the teachers and school do to help our children be the happy, kind, smart, and enthusiastic little people they clearly are. I want to do everything I can to help this lovely community to thrive, especially at this time of transition and opportunity, and that’s why I want to offer my time and enthusiasm as a parent governor. I am a musician and university lecturer, and so spend my days thinking about and caring about education, creativity, and collaboration. Apart from my expertise in the field of higher education, I have taught the violin to people aged 4 to 40, and know how much how you teach affects how people learn, at any age. My husband and I brought our children to Dallington because a musician friend and colleague of mine said that his son was super happy here, and I wouldn’t find a more wonderful little school if I wanted to let my kids find their own voice and be surrounded by creativity and caring teachers and friends. In that, I have not been disappointed! It feels very much like the Canadian liberal arts education that I had growing up, and I love it - I don't feel like my kids are being shoehorned into one mould from the age of three, but that they are being helped to grow and express themselves, finding their own shapes day by day. In terms of more professional and strategic viewpoints, if it’s useful for people to know, I lecture at King’s College London and the Royal Academy of Music, I am co-chair of the Institute of Musical Research, I am a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts (RSA), and I regularly work collaboratively with other arts institutions, such as the RCA and University of the Arts. Collaboration, creativity, exchange of ideas, and openness to and thirst for learning are part of my daily life, and I love that I feel that my kids are getting that at Dallington every day too!

Leora Neidle - Ex-officio - Chair of Friends of Dallington

Hattie Grylls - Alumni Governor

I'm a Dallington alumnus (1995-2003) that works as a children's book editor, creating picture books and non-fiction for primary-aged children. I also have experience working directly with children: at University I put on archaeology workshops in Edinburgh primary schools.  At Dallington, my aim is to play an active role working with the staff to organise author visits and fill the school with classic and contemporary children's literature. I'm delighted to give back to my beloved alma mater!

Josh Goldman - Alumni Governor

In my professional life I work at an Investment Firm here in Central London. I hope that would translate into bringing strong financial and commercial acumen to the Board, very importantly coupled with an understanding of the culture and ethos that makes Dallington so special, after myself graduating some 17/18 years ago before moving North to Liverpool. In my personal time I have been very involved in supporting youth empowerment organisations, in particular Habonim Dror (a Jewish charitable youth organisation) where my most relevant experience was organising and leading educationally-driven summer camps for 60+ children, over many of my summer holidays whilst at University. I am very excited about  working with the rest of the Board to give back and contribute to Dallington's mission, after many fond memories and learnings from my time at the school.

David Woodward - Staff Governor - Biog.

Our Governors meet each term and are our critical friends.  Each year 2 Staff Governors and up to 2 current Parent Governors are voted onto the Board for a period of one year.  The Chair of the Friends of Dallington is ex-officio.

An annual ‘Meet the Governors’ meeting is held in the Spring Term for the Student Council to have an opportunity to present the pupils' issues and views to the Governors.   The Governors and in turn the leadership team listen and often act upon this feedback. 

To learn more please read our Guidelines on becoming a Governor at Dallington School below.  We welcome your involvement.

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