The Dallington Journey             

School motto:  'Value your own worth and understand the differences in others.'        

At Dallington, our children address teachers by their first names and do not wear a uniform.  We offer a curriculum which is broad and balanced.  We provide for each child a happy, secure and stimulating environment that promotes discovery and values a love of learning.

We encourage our children to become confident and enthusiastic learners.  Our children work and play together in a co-operative, supportive way and great emphasis is placed on nurturing the development of the powers of reasoning and reflective, critical thinking. 

We provide an environment where children can openly relate to others and expect to be listened to and respected for their points of view.

Natural Progression

Dallington is a friendly, open environment in which children develop self-confidence and feel a great sense of belonging. We nurture active learning, inquisitiveness and natural progression. We introduce and develop skills such as Tap Dancing, Ukulele, Circus Skills and ‘Forest Schools’. A full education at Dallington is not only academic, it is an opportunity to experience and maintain a diversity of activities.

The headteachers of many of the senior schools to which our children transfer say they can tell a ‘Dallington Child’ by their independence, spirit and consideration for others; something of which we are enormously proud.

The pillars of the Dallington journey

  • Relationships

    Being part of a safe, friendly and caring school community. Valuing our friendships. Always being considerate, listening to what other people say and appreciating their point of view.
  • Play

    Enjoying being a child, joining in with other children of all ages and using our imagination to nd fun new ways to enjoy ourselves, learning all the way.
  • Self-Development

    Learning to work independently and as part of a team. Taking responsibility for our actions and helping other people around us. Contributing to the school community.
  • Discovery

    Discovering new skills in Art, Music, Dance, Drama, Sports and Technology and uncovering the wonders of the world.
  • Self-Belief

    Finding out about ourselves and everything around us. Trying lots of new things. Feeling valued and valuing others.
  • Active Learning
    Active Learning

    Finding out about the world around us. Discovering different ways to enjoy learning and to share our experiences. To work independently and as part of a group, in a way that makes learning fun.