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General, Middle School20/03/2017
Middle School were treated to a special fencing demonstration this afternoon, when David Moffat came to visit. David works for Little Musketeers who...
Our Blog17/03/2017
Watch the interview here:
Thursday lunch-time means Rock Band Club! This week the children were learning to play Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd. They sounded...
Fundraising, General, Middle School02/03/2017
Today is World Book Day! The Children in Middle School have dressed up as characters from some of their favourite books. Who can you spot?
General, Middle School24/02/2017
Its Circus Skills day! Year 3 and 4 are being taught to balance peacock feathers on different parts of their bodies. They are encouraged to keep an...
General, Middle School22/02/2017
For their science topic, years 5 and 6 have been studying evolution and inheritance. As part of a lesson on fossils, they excavated their own...