Year Two News

Things are hotting up in Year 2 this term as we go back 353 years in time to 1666 and the Great Fire of London. As part of our learning we will be finding out about the events of the Great Fire; reasons why it happened and the consequences that this fire had on London. We will also be looking at the development of the Fire Service and housebuilding since then. Firefighters will be visiting us in November to teach us about fire safety. Do you have any smoke alarms at home or a fire extinguisher?  

In Literacy, the bright sparks (that is all of our class) will be writing diary entries as if they were Samuel Pepys and bringing their words to life using description and their senses. We will also be making bread, just like Thomas Farriner, and writing the instructions. What ingredients do you think we will need? Have you ever made your own bread at home or always bought your loaf from a shop? Do you think our bread will look and taste the same? Only time will tell!

Year 2 joining forces proved to be the perfect match as they set the classroom ablaze with their incredible artwork. Utilising a range of media and techniques, from collage to oil pastel and paint to create their 3D diorama of Thomas Farriner’s bakery they have well and truly brought the Great Fire of London to life. A really colourful and fascinating piece!