Year One News

Year 1 has been settling in to life on the top floor magnificently! They have spent a bit of time each morning learning to read different letters by singing songs, watching animations and engaging with many exciting activities! When learning about the letter ‘A’, they ate avocado for snacks and sang about ants. When learning about the letter ‘P’, they made the letter P out of peas!

“A capital P is the same as a lower case p, but bigger.” – Rose

“There are two A’s in my name!” – Alexander

They have also been fascinated by our topic for this term – the human body and are asking many interesting questions. They have investigated how our lungs work and how the oxygen we breathe in is moved around our body by our hearts pumping blood. 

“What happens if you swallow food into your lungs?” – Adar Jax

“What happens if you breathe in too much and your lungs get too big?” – Amber

“How fast does a killer whale’s heart beat?” – Henri-James

When learning about the difference between capital and lower case T’s, the children worked in small groups to create the letters with their bodies. Teamwork was essential, with each team member discussing which part of the letter their body was going to form and then how they were going to achieve this.

“I was the curly part of the lowercase t.” – Oren