Year Five News

*Photos above: Jackal headed God is Anubis, the God of Mummification-created by Mariana, Rishi and Freya.
Horus is the God of the sky and had the head of a Falcon-he was made by Orlando, Louis and Leila.
Isis is the Goddess of Motherhood, wisdom, life and magic-created by Eloise, Wilf and Kotone.

Year 5 is inquiring into mysteries of Ancient Egypt and learning about their way of life and views about the afterlife. Year 5 have already explored the process of mummification and the challenging journey the Ancients believed the dead would take to reach the afterlife. The group are very much enjoying creating some spectacular art pieces for display and discovering more about the Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. 

In Dance, the children have been learning to do an Egyptian dance and experimenting with instruments and recreating how their style of music would have sounded. David, our music teacher, has planned to do a version of the play of Antony and Cleopatra. 

In Mathematics, the children have been developing their skills at rounding numbers and we have even done some role play when working with higher numbers now that the children are working with 5 digit and sometimes 6 digit numbers. The children are developing how to express their ideas and to reason their findings.  In Year 5 we enjoy a challenge and every morning there is at least, a riddle or a problem to solve which keeps the children on their toes.

Year 5 will start a new activity in the next few weeks; sewing. This is a method of textile production in which the children thread the needle in and out of hessian to make a unique design. Sewing helps with concentration, fine motor skills and builds the muscles required when gripping a pencil.