Year 6 News

Somehow, it would appear that we are already a third of the way through the Summer Term! It is set to be just as action-packed as the last two have been, with our new topic “Picturing London”. We are going to be honing some photography skills to highlight how modern-day London differs, specifically, from Dickensian London. This will include a close-up look at the social reform that Charles Dickens references in many of his narratives such as Oliver Twist, as well as how the buildings and surroundings have changed. We began our Dickensian journey by visiting the Charles Dickens Museum, learning much about what life was like for the author.

As you are all undoubtedly aware, Years 5 and 6 spent the best part of last week at Lambourne End camp (you might remember the enormous suitcases you were required to haul into school). The week was spent partaking in a plethora of exciting activities. Over the course of three nights and four days, we scaled walls on ropes, fired arrows (at targets mainly but sometimes at Janet), crawled through tunnels and whizzed down zip lines. Down time was spent either in our dorm rooms consuming our illegal stash of sweets or running around the vast open fields behind the rooms. Year 6 practised some photography, taking some epic portrait shots of the Year 5s. All too soon it was time to re-pack our enormous suitcases and heave them back onto the bus. We returned to school sleep-deprived, sunburnt and wonderfully happy. What a great final trip for the Year 6s! The Year 5s can’t wait to see what next year’s camp will hold in store for them.

Here, India recounts her experience:

'When we went camping we had a lot of fun, and I even wanted to stay an extra day!

One of the funniest moments I experienced was at the zipline. Tom, one of the instructors who took us for the ziplining, pushed me off the edge. Well, I was really scared so I asked him to give me a nudge, but instead, he pushed me!

My favourite instructor was Ian because he was funny. He also was the instructor for caving, which was my favourite activity.

The thing I am most proud of and the thing I would never forget is also caving.

The fear I faced was ziplining because I’m really scared of heights.'