Year 6 News

Our Thoughts about Year 6

“My time in Year 6 so far is fun and challenging and the teachers have got me up to date with the maths side of things, especially place value. We are learning about the Underworld as part of our Odyssey project. Even though Hades fell in love with Persephone, it does not excuse what he did to her. I think he went way too far!” - Bronwen

“Our homework is fun and a decent amount. I am learning a lot of new vocabulary. I think it’s cool that we are sitting up on the stage at last.” - India

“At the moment, we are learning about the Ancient Greek underworld where Hades was god. He wanted to be God of everything and was angry and frustrated when he was chosen to be the god of the Underworld. He felt that this job was not quite as important as the jobs of his brothers Zeus and Poseidon.  This made him into an angry, gloomy god who was feared by everyone. I think what he did to Persephone was wrong and cruel. Elysium sounds like a wonderful place!” - Ethan

“Finally my journey in Dallington has reached its final year. We have harder work but we are supported. Catherine pushes us to work hard but she doesn’t do it to annoy us or make us suffer. She is preparing us for the future. I love it so far.” - Matylda

“Being in Year 6 so far has been an amazing experience. I can’t fault a thing! I love how much more independence we get now. Some of us have started reading a book called ‘A Kestrel for a Knave,’ by Barry Hines. It is an amazing book. The language and vocabulary is quite hard to understand, but this book grabbed me from the start! Group discussion has helped my understanding. The book is about a boy called Billy who lives a very different life to me. I can’t even begin to imagine living in such poverty. I am certain that it would be a living hell, after living such a pampered life.” - Maya

“I am so excited to finally be in Year 6! I have enjoyed the pieces of work we have done so far and I’m excited to continue our work on The Odyssey this term after studying the Iliad in Year 4.” - Alexander 

As part of our Odyssey project, we have been learning about the underworld in Ancient Greece. The children are learning about Hades, the much feared god of the underworld and how he ran his kingdom, as well as the journey the dead would have to make before they arrived in their final resting place. Did you know that in order to cross the river Styx you had to have a special coin, called an obolus coin, to pay Charon the ferryman? This coin was placed in the mouth of the recently deceased and when you think about it, it seems like an obvious place to keep the coin safe, considering the Ancient Greeks probably did not have pockets! The children spent some time last week creating a large artwork of Persephone, who was Hades’ wife and Queen of the underworld. You are most welcome to come and take a closer look at this beautiful collage of Persephone that all of the class were involved in creating.