Year 5 News

Year 5 have very much enjoyed the challenges they have been set this term in all areas of the curriculum. Particularly, they have thrived on discussing the themes brought out from out reading text, Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo. As a wonderful learning experience, the Year 5 class loved their visit to Woburn Park, where the children went on a driven safari of the more dangerous wild animals and a foot safari. The foot safari was fabulous as we could walk into each of the different areas and see the animals up close. The children discovered many new facts about adaptation during our talks on lemurs and on African species such as porcupine, mongoose and meerkats. This has enhanced our understanding and knowledge of adaptation and inheritance as well as grasping the huge importance of protecting the animals’ natural habitats around the world. Among the most popular were the marmoset which we decided should be called Einstein, the red panda and the lemurs. Louis’s Tiger One of the Year 5 children was clearly burning bright with enthusiasm as he decided to draw and paint this fantastic picture. It is a great example of some of the beautiful artwork which Louis creates of his own volition and with such a natural flair. We have been learning about William Blake’s fine poem, Tyger Tyger, as it appeared in the class reading book, Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo. There is a definite stare which makes us appreciate the fear we may feel when we are close to such a magnificent but yet fiercely dangerous beast. Louis has certainly captured the gist of the poem and it is reflected here in his work. Dallington Football Team The school football team have been putting on some great displays in their matches this term. A few of the staff have witnessed with the parents some very good moments of play and the school team have been very successful thus far. I am very lucky to have many of the team in Year 5 and I hope they continue to bring more victories between now and the end of term.