Year 5 News

Year 5 has begun their Summer Topic, ‘London for Sale’, focusing on the Market Economy and what it means to buy and sell products and services. Since the beginning of term, they have learnt new vocabulary pertaining to the Market Economy, such as profit, loss, producer, consumer and supply and demand to help describe their visit to Camden Market.

The topic has extended into Literacy where we have been exploring techniques used to create impactful advertisements, while in Maths they have been looking at cost pricing. In a lesson called ‘Overpriced Orange Juice’, the children needed to work out the cost price of different sized orange juice containers and compare the value of the orange juice that was on sale at Camden Market.

Years 5 and 6 took a trip to Lambourne End together. Here, India recounts her experience:

'When we went camping we had a lot of fun, and I even wanted to stay an extra day!

One of the funniest moments I experienced was at the zipline. Tom, one of the instructors who took us for the ziplining, pushed me off the edge. Well, I was really scared so I asked him to give me a nudge, but instead, he pushed me!

My favourite instructor was Ian because he was funny. He also was the instructor for caving, which was my favourite activity.

The thing I am most proud of and the thing I would never forget is also caving.

The fear I faced was ziplining because I’m really scared of heights.'