Year 4 News

Year 4 is inquiring into how ‘food affects our health, happiness and energy’. Year 4 have already explored how sugar affects our bodies and how much sugar is in some well-known food and drink. Over the next few days, Year 4 are exploring calories. 

In English, we have been learning how to write information reports about fruit. During this year, children are encouraged to write in paragraphs, with subheadings and to use neat, cursive writing. Year 4 has been linking maths with topic. Last week they needed to measure out sugar in grams for a class display about sugar. In the mornings, Year 4 have been learning to weave with Janet. Weaving is a method of textile production in which the children interlace thread or material to make a unique design. Weaving improves concentration, fine motor skills and strengthens muscle tone which in turn will help with pencil grip. The childrens’ final products will be on display in the hallways in the coming month.  Once our children have mastered weaving, they will progress to sewing. 


After an early start, Year 4 arrived at Wo-wo camping grounds in East Sussex. We began with a couple of ‘ice-breaker’ exercises to be ready for ‘the wild’. For lunch on the first day we ate a combination of snacks and soup. In the afternoon, we organised our tents and learnt some basic camp skills. After a long day and some night games we settled down to bed late in the evening. 

On day two, everyone was up nice and early to help with breakfast and be organised for the day. The morning’s focus was all about effective teamwork, attitude and successful behaviours. In the afternoon we looked for animal signs, developing our stalking and tracking skills through a few interactive games. On day three, we were still up early, however, some of us were looking more tired. We spent the day taking down our tents and perfecting our life skills. In the end, we took home very tired but happy children.