Year 2 Venture to The British Museum

Last term, Year 2 ventured into Central London to visit the British Museum - which is one of the capitals most notable attractions. The purpose of this visit was to broaden and enrich Year 2's learning on their Spring Term core topic which was focused on China.

The British Museum was the ideal place for Year 2 to discover the marvels of Ancient China and the wonders of the Far East - given that the British Museum has over 23,000 Chinese artefacts!

At the museum, the children visited many exhibits and galleries that were linked to Chinese culture including Chinese Jade (which is one of the most valued materials throughout Chinese history), The Sir Joseph Hotung Gallery (which featured a diverse range of artefacts throughout the ever-changing history of Asia) and The Silk Road Gallery (which detailed the history of civilians and artefacts that were moved throughout Afro-Eurasia during the first millennium AD).

The real highlight of the trip for Year 2 was in The Sir Joseph Hotung Gallery. As one child in Year 2 is directly related to Ravi Shankar (a famous Indian composer), who donated his sitar to the museum and it is now displayed in 'pride and place' in this grand gallery!

Thank you to Victoria for organising this trip.