Year 1 News

Year 1 has had a fantastic term, continuing to learn all about the human body. Recently, they have been learning about bones and muscles, which has included many exciting activities! They made skeletons out of cotton buds, looked at different animal skulls and examined pieces of animal muscle from the butchers. Everyone was very interested to learn about how muscles contract and relax to move our bones. ‘Your skull is like a helmet for your brain.’ – Oren ‘Bones are hard on the outside, but soft on the inside.’ – Felix K ‘If you had no bones, you would be a big blob!’ – Gabriel ‘My favourite bones are the ribcage because it is like armour.’ – Daniel M ‘The ribcage protects the lungs and heart.’ – Daniel O ‘Bone marrow is inside your bones.’ – AJ ‘The ribcage protects the lungs and heart.’ – Daniel O ‘The smallest bone is in your ear.’ – Henri-James ‘We have a tailbone between our legs.’ – Ileana ‘There is one bone connected to your shoulder.’ – Noa Angela, Milko and Wendy