Upper Nursery

This half term we have learnt about and celebrated the Winter Festivals of Light – Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas. We listened to all the stories. Maya, Mira and Maya’s mummies (Arty and Sudakshina) generously came in and told us about Rama and Sita and the 10-headed demon Ravana!
Later in the term, Tirzah, Simon and Reverend Stephen came in to talk about two festivals that happen in December every year. Simon informed us of the Jewish Festival of Lights which is called Hanukkah. We were all lucky to receive doughnuts afterwards. Maybe your child can tell you why this was? Reverend Stephen spoke about the Christian Festival of Christmas, showing us his model crib that he brought from Bethlehem – where Jesus was actually born. We also made a class book re-telling the Christmas story with illustrations.
We hope you all enjoyed our singing in the church on Wednesday, we all had a great time and enjoyed singing alongside Lower Nursery.

Eileen, Christine and Sue