Travel and Transport

Travel and Transport is our Spring term topic and our first mode of transport was our feet! Although we stopped short of walking 500 miles, Year 1 did go on a 1 kilometere walk in our local area using Google maps to measure our distance.  The children were also  interested in discovering the reasons why people walk - as a leisurely pursuit, for exercise, to protest, to flee to safety or to access water.

Currently, we are sailing on a variety of boats from around the world - Polynesian outriggers, Viking longships, gondolas, rafts and dinghies to name a few!  The study of these inspired Year 1 children to design their own boats for use in our sinking and floating science experiment.  Each child was given the same amount of foil to make their boat, which carried the same amount of "cargo" and floated in the same amount of water. A fair test indeed!