Slaughter and May Football League

Dallington FC 0-2 Clerkenwell

On Wednesday Dallington FC suffered a painful defeat to Clerkenwell (quite literally). Despite brilliant defending from various players, as well as some incredible saves from Oscar and a couple of beautiful blocks and tackles from Theo and Joshua, Clerkenwell managed to get 2 goals past us.

“Oscar made loads of beautiful saves.”-Josh

“The two centre backs (Josh and Theo) did very well in defence and were unlucky to concede.”-Johan

“Insults from Clerkenwell reduced Wilf to tears.”-Tayto

“There was some dirty tackling. I was fouled three times!” -Sami

“Dallington played admirably and put up a very strong defence.”-Sophie (Y6 teacher)

Although Clerkenwell put up strong defences, our Strikers still managed to get some excellent shots at goal. Unfortunately, their goalie was too good for us! There was also a little bit of dirty play; Sami and Rishi were both fouled and there was some outrageous hacking at Ethan’s ankles. Despite this, he still managed to dodge past their defenders to take multiple shots at goal. They even shouted at the referee which resulted in one of their players being substituted.

All in all, it was an exciting match and we are very proud of everyone in the team for their super effort!

By Joshua & Johan