Red noses sell out at Dallington School

The Year 6 team were proud of their efforts in raising £299.60 for red nose day.

Red nose day is a UK-wide fundraising event organised by the charity Comic Relief.

Here are some of the Dallington School student’s bad jokes:

“Want to hear a bird joke? No? Well, this is hawkward.”(Matylda Y5)

“What is the saddest type of cheese called? Blue cheese!” (Sofia Y5)

“Would you like to hear ‘my best joke?’, “My best joke!” (Alexander Y5)

“What’s Beethoven’s favourite fruit? Bana-na-na!” (Charlie Y6)

“What’s a frog’s favourite year? A leap year.” (Milko)

“What do call someone called Phil after he has drunk too much pool water? Chlorophil.” (Sami Y6)

“What do you call an angry snowman? A meltdown.” (Mariana Y4)

“What do you call when you put as fish and an elephant together? Swimming trunks." (Orlando Y4)