Ramadan Assembly

Yesterday, the children were presented with a religious themed assembly which was delivered by Barney, which was about the Islamic festival of Ramadan.

A colourful presentation was shown to the children which gave a detailed overview behind the wider meanings of Ramadan, the history of Ramadan and how members of the Islamic community celebrate this important religious festival within the Islamic calendar.

Throughout the presentation, all the children learnt lots of key facts associated with Ramadan like the phases of the moon, the word Ramadan stems from the Arabic word meaning scorching heat, how Ramadan was coined in 610AD after Angel Gabriel spoke to the Prophet Muhammad and how some children are gifted an advent calendar gift which contains a daily acts of kindness a child has to undertake rather than being given chocolate or confectionary!

To commemorate, the end of this Ramadan themed assembly - the children watched a vibrant animated children. This cartoon told the narrative of an Islamic family celebrating Ramadan through community events such as going to the Mosque for special prayers, having family meals after fasting called Iftar and how participating in Ramadan can create a greater spiritual connection to God for members of the Islamic community.

Thank you to Barney for hosting this informative assembly.