Middle School heads to the New Scientist Live exhibition

Dallington children fascinated by the Stone Age exhibit

At 9.30 a.m. last Friday, the whole of Middle School poured onto an unsuspecting Number 56 bus, beginning their trek to ExCeL (Exhibition Centre London).  Excitement was high and the journey on buses, trains and DLR only added to the thrills. There was definitely a sense of collective shock and awe as we entered the New Scientist Live exhibition – every step revealed yet another tantalising exhibit or experience.

One of the biggest hits was the Mars Rover moon buggy, roaming across the ‘planet’ surface, controlled remotely from a laptop (and watching the Space Vehicle Engineer at work was almost as cool as watching the moon buggy!)  Year 3 enjoyed a fascinating visit to ‘Clive’, the Stone Age man, who showed them some awesome tools, weapons and clothes, as well as explaining how they might make their own Stone Age hut back in the classroom.

Years 5 & 6 spent much of their time in The Human Zone, extending their understanding of the human body and gathering some fairly startling information. Year 3 & 4 finished their visit in the Planetarium, where we went on a journey into space and explored the Space Station.

Everyone behaved beautifully and spent the journey back to school playing with their free stuff!