Lower Nursery

This half term we have been looking at A Taste of the World, as you can imagine, an all-encompassing subject! This led us to examine Chinese New Year in particular. This is a very exciting festival that lasts for 15 days. During this time we tried Chinese biscuits that included seaweed in the ingredients, Fortune Cookies that may have had a message inside saying how important it is to say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’, both at home and at school! The class loved learning about the ancient stories behind the festival, in particular the scary monster Nian, who went around frightening people. This monster was finally seen off by loud noises such as fireworks and drumming and the clashing of giant cymbals. We even had these huge cymbals in our classroom to try out and we were all scared by how incredibly loud their sound was. In story time we have been enjoying stories set in other countries and have started looking at traditional tales from other countries which we shall continue with next half term. If you have some stories from your country that you think that we may not have here, you are more than welcome to come in and read to the children or to lend the books to us. The children have been quite astonished at some of the foods we have tried that they were not used to. Lychees were very popular and our class was most impressed that the way to get into a coconut was with a screwdriver and a hammer! A few children mentioned that they do not keep hammers in their kitchen at home. Everyone examined dry noodles and then watched how they changed when they were left in very hot water for a few minutes, “The best snack this week!” was how one girl commented afterwards…Science in action! After our short holiday we shall be continuing with the topic of A Taste of the World, so many more stories from other countries and cultures, music from other places and I am sure some intriguing foods to look at and hopefully taste!