Lower Nursery

As the Christmas holidays are now here, the children have helped decorate our room to remind them about the special day of December 25th. We spoke about the story of the birth of Jesus and why this event is celebrated by millions of people across the world. Everyone made a jointed figure of themselves, with split-pins, for our winter display, which fills up one of our long display boards in the classroom.
We have now made salt dough decorations to hang from our Christmas trees at home, and even if you do not have a tree indoors, you can simply hang the decorations on a hook or even carry them around with you, while you perhaps sing one of the Christmas songs that David, our music teacher, has been teaching us.

We work on learning phonics every day, even when we are simply reading a story book; sounding out the first letters of certain words and seeing if anybody’s name begins with that same letter.
We sing a great many nursery rhymes which helps children learn new songs and some of these songs involve simply counting up to 10, which not all children are able to do. Do not worry if your child cannot do this yet, it takes time, that is why this age group is often referred to as ‘pre-school’.

Barney, Cathy and Christine