Kew Gardens

Every time we walked through the doors of one of the Kew Garden's buildings it was like we were being teleported to the rainforest. We used our free time sketching plants and collecting words to be used in our portfolios. In a lesson with Lisa from Kew Gardens, we all measured light, soil moisture, humidity, air and soil temperature. We found that inside the temperatures and humidity are higher, however, the light stayed the same. One of the our favourite parts of the visit was the Marianne North gallery, where we saw loads of paintings. We could have looked at them and sketched them forever. Did you know that Marianne North played an important role in Victorian society as a female explorer, plant hunter and artist? Her gallery was opened in 1886. It serves as an important catalogue of the world’s plants. We found it interesting to know that at Kew, the contribution of women in scientific research continues to grow.

Over all we had a brilliant time exploring Kew Gardens!

Bronwen, Zoe and Sofia (Year 5 and 6)