Camden Markets (Year 5)

On Friday 3rd May, Year 5 went on a fabulous school trip to Camden Market, as the launch for this terms’ project, ‘The Market Economy!’ Along with Brad, Janet and Michelle, we explored the market stalls and studied the goods on offer. Some of the most common sale offerings were souvenirs – generally along the lines of “I Love London” (which we do!!). There was also a whole lot of designer orange juice, Doc Marten boots, jewellery and quirky paintings. We absolutely loved this trip and can't wait to go back!

Some reflections include ...

“Today I learnt how to bargain, how to compare the layouts of shops and that some things can be very expensive.” (India)

“I liked that the sellers really need to listen to the buyers.” (Alex)

“I learned that there are lots of different things to sell and that a lot of stores will give you a discount.” (Tabby)

“I learned how to bargain!!” (Bronwen)

“I learned that in order for people to keep coming to your shop, you have to give them a discount once in a while.” (Matylda)

“I learned as a seller you have to listen to your customers to earn more profit.” (Alexander)

“I'm learning how to get discounts.” (Raon)

Report by

Maya (Year 5)