On entering Middle School, Dallington children are encouraged to take even more responsibility both for their own learning and as a group member.  As our curriculum is topic based, it enables children to develop their research and problem solving skills.  This allows them to become autonomous learners which in turn builds their self esteem and self confidence.

By this stage, most children should have sufficiently established reading and comprehension skills to undertake independent research. Maths skills are developed and extended in both recorded and practical forms. 

The children are encouraged to become self-regulated learners and research skills take a leap forward.

For each topic, we organise a trip. Art is often included as a springboard into our projects and we regularly visit art galleries.

In Middle School, groups work together in a two years’ cycle, allowing children the opportunity for extension work, whist offering others the opportunity to re-visit subjects covered and yes, the children often request this practice!

We advise parents about the most appropriate Secondary Schools for their children.  Standardised assessments give a formal academic profile of each child, so that given advice indicates realistic choices for future schooling.

Although ‘group’ is the operative word, each child continues to work and be treated as an individual within the group. 


  • If… you like the idea of a school that feels more like a lovely home; teachers who always go the extra mile; a genuinely stimulating and artistic environment, then you won't find better than Dallington." "I second that. A very good choice. Happy children and happy parents."

  • Dallington is special because the school nurtures and cares for all of my child.

    Current parent
  • I loved being at Dallington, it just felt so comfortable…`It is the most creative atmosphere that I have ever been in. I guess that we all took it so for granted - then when it was gone nothing was ever like it again.

    Shanti Ramakuri
    Mogg's Group 1978/9

What's happening


  • 05 Jul
    Year 1 & 2 Trip to the Seaside
    9:00 to 15:30
  • 08 Jul
    FOD Playground Party
    15:30 to 17:00
  • 12 Jul
    Sports Day
    13:30 to 15:30
  • 15 Jul
    Last Day of Summer Term 2pm Finish