Our current Chair is Vaughan Grylls

46 Wilmington Square, WC1X 0ET
Telephone: 020 7837 1073

Election news May 2017

Welcome to our new Parent Governors and Teacher Governors.  Thank you to those governors who have now left the board, for their invaluable time, knowledge and commitment.

Our Governors

Name of Governor Position held Term of Office Date of appointment
Mogg Hercules Ex-officio Unlimited -
Abi Hercules Secretary Unlimited -
Vaughan Grylls Chair 6th term May 2012
Fiona Naylor Deputy Chair 6th term May 2012
Cortina Butler Ex-Parent Governor 6th term May 2012
Konrads Smelkovs Parent Governor  3rd term April 2015
Richard Bleasdale Parent Governor  1st term May 2017
Urmila Mitra Kraev Parent Governor 1st term May 2017
Alex Morrall Parent Governor & Safeguarding Governor 3rd term April 2015
Leora Neidle Ex-officio - Chair of FoD 1st term October 2017
Wendy MacNally Staff Governor 2nd term May 2016
Sam 'Milko' Mills Staff Governor 1st term May 2017
Thanh Luong Co-opted Community Governor 1st term February 2018
Edmund McGuinness Co-opted Community Governor 1st term February 2018

Each year 2 Staff Governors and up to 4 current Parent Governors are voted onto the Board for a period of one year.  The Chair of the Friends of Dallington is ex-officio.

An annual ‘Meet the Governors’ meeting is held in the Spring Term for the pupils of the School. Two class representatives from each group in the School who have collected pupil’s issues and views in advance of the meeting, will be given the opportunity to present them to the Governors.

Former Board members:  Matthew D'Ancona, Claudia Balara, Rod Sugden, James Douglas, Valerie Thorpe, Sue Kennard, Giles Colchester, Kelly Gaddes, Stacey Mouton, Tania Maidment, Rachel Turner, Haydn Jones, Angela Menzies, Bim Malcomson.