Our Parents Association

All parents are automatically “enrolled” into Friends of Dallington – you don’t have to join. The FoD provides a forum for parents to share information, socialise, raise issues and generally help the school enhance our children's schooling.

Throughout the academic year we organise a variety of fundraising and social events for the whole school community. The aim of our fundraising is to add a little extra to normal school resources.

Our main fundraising events are the summer fete, the Summer Extravaganza, the Spring Quiz Night and the Halloween party.

We sometimes subsidise class trips and contribute to the purchase of special resources and equipment for classrooms.  Each year we consult with staff on fundraising needs as well as seeking suggestions from pupils and parents.

The Committee & Class Representatives

We have an elected committee to run the administrative aspects of the FoD in conjunction with the class year representatives.  Class reps. circulate class contact lists – this helps with organising play dates, parties, car shares, nanny shares and more.

The Chair also represents FoD on the Dallington School Board of Governors.


Chair - Leora Neidle

Secretary – Sophie McKane

Treasurer - Gema Sainz

To keep Friends of Dallington alive we always need new people to get involved. You don't have to be a class rep. to help out.  Just volunteer a little or as much time as you can offer.  Volunteering with FOD can involve a whole range of things and could involve just a little ad hoc time, a few hours over a number of days for a specific event or a regular commitment. 

Your hands-on volunteering will contribute to the additional stimulation and fun experiences that our children gain from their Dallington education. And as a volunteer parent you will get more opportunities to network with other parents and staff and to directly experience parts of Dallington life and perhaps to understand more about what happens for your child when she or he goes to school.

Do you know that some employers actively encourage staff volunteering and yours may, perhaps, even offer you time-off to support FoD activities during the school day? 

As active parents we can make it happen. So please get involved to support all our children's education. We look forward to meeting you soon,


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Twitter: @FODallington

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