Assessment is at the heart of learning at Dallington.

By listening to our children and through careful questioning, our teachers hear what our children know and need to know and adapt their lessons accordingly. Key moments when children make progress are recorded on our digital learning journey, which is available for all parents to also contribute to. Progress is monitored across KS1 and KS2, through our annual use of the GL Digital Assessment Suite, which monitors progress in English, Mathematics, Science, Reading, Spelling and Cognitive Ability.

Dallington children are prepared for external exams in a non-competitive, stress-free environment where they are expected to reflect on their own attainments and realistically understand the requirements of competitive exams, as well as their own high standards of self-regulated work.

In Year 5, a visiting specialist gives the children weekly practice in study skills and exam technique, such as working within a time framework and under exam conditions.

Bearing in mind that this is a non-selective school, consultation with parents is maintained so that appropriate applications can be made for places at secondary schools.  We are very direct and open about a child's abilities and potential, but we are also sensitive to the aspirations of parents.

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