The Dallington Digital Hub is world class 

The work, imagination and ambition that went into its design and ongoing development, coupled with the dedication of the Hub staff, have ensured that this is no idle claim.

The Digital Hub (via Google Classroom, Zoom, Hangouts and Flipgrid) was developed for the first Lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in March 2020.  Since the return to School in Autumn 2020, our Digital Hub remains an active resource for sharing homework assignments and projects in Key Stage 2.

Should a child or indeed whole Pod be required to self-isolate, our Staff and children move seamlessly to our online learning platform.  Our teachers are well prepared to both teach their group at school and include members of their group who are at home, in their teaching sessions via the google Classroom, should the need arise.  The work the children are doing at school will be shared with any children at home via  the Digital Hub. 

Children avail of a real diversity of provision, enjoying several live sessions a day with their class teacher, as well as live sessions of Performing Arts and French. In addition, there is recorded content that children can access according to the family schedule and a wealth of activities that can be enjoyed offline.

The overarching aim has been to balance online and offline time, as age appropriate, whilst prioritising the wellbeing of children and supervising adults, as much as encouraging learning progress.

A parent's feedback

I'm so impressed with the way that Dallington's swung into action - from a letter at 5.30 one afternoon to being totally up and running for home school by 9 the next morning is a massive achievement. The kids are totally engaged, and I can't thank Milko and Ed enough for their calmness in dealing with it all, and the way that they're keeping the kids enthusiastic. They're really happy, and so am I (and relieved!). Thanks everyone, and keep up with the good work, I really am seriously impressed....

The Digital Hub in action...