You know you’re a dancer when you practice your routines under your desk at school.

Upper Nursery

The children at Dallington are introduced to dancing from an early age. Through creative movement in Upper Nursery, the children become accustomed to movement and learn that it is natural.  Through dance, the children are encouraged to use their imaginations, learning through exploration.  This makes dancing fun, whilst building confidence and trust, through a new communication skill.  At this early stage, the children can freely express themselves vocally.

Year 1

From Year 1 onwards, the children learn to Tap Dance.  The emphasis is on the physical sensation of movement to sounds without vocal expression.  The inner, non-verbal nature of dance then becomes evident as a discipline and skill.  Years 2 to 6

From Year 2 the children learn more Tap vocabulary and steps, create dances and exchange ideas through Tap games, rhythm, sounds and choreography.  Tap dancing uses many senses.  Its percussive form, not only encourages attentive listening, but also attentive observation, as the children continue to acquire new skills and new disciplines in this stimulating form of creativity.

Through Dance, the children are given the opportunity to express themselves physically, to become more aware of themselves as individuals in time and space.