Our school community reflects our commitment to a non-selective intake and values our children as active learners.  Our curriculum is organised broadly on a topic basis with mathematics and some language development activities taught outside the topic framework.  A programme of topics is followed throughout the school.  The multi-sensory, multi-disciplinary experiences in which the children take part, allow the individual child, the peer group and the adults, to acknowledge and celebrate success.  These experiences also promote a willingness to take on the challenges of independent learning, with a degree of rigour that holds a child in good stead throughout its life.

A non-competitive ethos does not mean the children lack purpose in their learning. 

We recognise that most parents of the children at Dallington expect them to compete for places at London Public Day Schools and support this aspiration.  However, as teachers, we also maintain our confidence in and commitment to a diversity of childhood experiences and we trust our children, as learners, to benefit from that.

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