At Dallington we believe that happy, stimulated, children develop and grow better than those who are miserable at school.    We help everyone grow at their own pace, building self-confidence and enjoyment as well as serious achievements. 

Our school community reflects our commitment to a non-selective intake and values our children as active learners.   We give them a rich range of diverse experiences along with constant nurturing and encouragement.  We get to know each child extremely well.

Our curriculum is organised broadly on a topic basis with mathematics and some language development activities taught outside the topic framework.  A programme of topics is followed throughout the school, with flexibility built in at every stage.  

Our educational approach and the very varied experiences we provide encourage children to explore things for themselves - in other words, to take on the challenges of independent learning, which is the foundation of senior school and university education and, indeed, success in adult life.  With independence comes self-sufficiency and self-esteem, but we also instil a degree of rigour that holds a child in good stead throughout his or her life.

The multi-sensory, multi-disciplinary experiences in which the children take part allow the individual child, their peer group and the adults to acknowledge and celebrate success.  Success breeds success and encourages children to want to go further and deeper.  

One of the things that makes Dallington unique is the way we encourage success without creating a stressful, competitive environment.   And our non-competitive ethos does not mean the children lack purpose in their learning - rather, they focus on maximising their own achievements and celebrate each other's success, rather than being demoralised when another child does something first. 

Having said this, we recognise that most parents of the children at Dallington expect them to compete for places at London senior schools and we support this aspiration.   By giving the children confidence and skills as well as knowledge, and by working closely with parents to match them to senior schools in which they will thrive, we hope to prepare them for the next stage of their educational journey.  

Children thrive at Dallington and they look back on their time here with great fondness...

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