Cross Curricular, Project based work

Project work (including Art, Science, Geography, History) is a key component of our curriculum throughout our school.

With the completion of at least two class projects a year, subjects such as Science, Geography and History are taught as part of the current project.

Each term we observe the child’s interests and plan our ‘topics’ around these.  In the Early Years, we have several ongoing topics, growing, healthy eating and life-style.  Each half term we choose a featured author.

Throughout the school, we explore projects at a level that meets the children's level of interest and understanding while, at the same time, try to inspire new interests and challenges by extending the children’s learning as far as possible.  Prior to each project, children are asked to share their current knowledge of a subject and to identify areas in which they would like to direct their research. Children are also guided to understand key concepts.  It is this balance of child interest-centered/teacher-directed learning, which enables them to have the confidence to explore further. 

By integrating different 'subjects' we aim to give the children the sense of the interrelatedness of the curriculum.  Project work allows the children to make important connections in their thinking and develop key skills through sustained shared thinking and collaborative group work.  

We enhance the children’s learning experiences through regular and frequent educational visits and visitors.

Our approach helps the children to become part of a true learning community.   They develop the skills and attitudes required for life-long enjoyment of learning.   We use integrated topics in our project work. Each topic, whilst having a main identifiable theme, will incorporate a diversity of activities, to ensure a balance.

Exploring a topic in depth, provides the perfect opportunity for children to develop their ability to manage and extend themselves. Through project work, we are able to draw together the diverse strands of our curriculum, into one interwoven piece of work. 

Our children are extremely proud of their project books and often choose them to take to prospective secondary schools, as evidence of their ability and hard work.