Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all

At Dallington, Computing is taught as a discrete subject once a week.  Across the school, the emphasis of these lessons is for the children to learn how to program computers and know how to use electronic equipment to support their learning. Every year, the children partake in Internet Safety Day and are taught to develop safe practice when using electronic equipment. Learning is practical and makes use of Dallington’s supply of laptops, iPads and programmable toys.

When appropriate, computing equipment is used through-out the curriculum to support the subject being taught.  Teachers make use of interactive screens to demonstrate ideas, while children use iPads and laptops to produce work.  Children learn that computers are not only sources of entertainment, but also powerful tools for learning and creativity.

We all take part in the Hour of Code and coding is highly valued throughout Dallington. On their learning journey, as they progress through the school, children build on their knowledge and extend their abilities through coding activities including Scratch, Scratch Junior, Codemonkey, and many more.  Many children are able to develop their own games and animations towards the end of Middle School.