Arts based skills

Every child is an artist. Picasso

Although specific art lessons where the children paint, draw and produce 3D work in different media allow the children to focus on particular skills and mediums, creating art at Dallington has never been seen as an isolated activity. Dallington children are encouraged to find ways to include artwork as often as possible, by way of illustration work in diaries or projects for example. Being aware of the presentation and lay-out of a piece of work is a valuable skill and by the time the children are in Middle School, there is a growing awareness of the visual impact of work created. Thanks to the legacy of our founder Mogg Hercules, graphic skills at Dallington are generally strong.

Some children find thinking and creating easier than others but no matter their ability, everyone is encouraged to take creative risks with the understanding that the journey and the experimentation rather than the end result is important. Skills such as the ability to work collaboratively or give and take constructive criticism are developed through careful supportive teaching.  

From the cave art of Lascaux to the Turner prize, we encourage the children to have an awareness of art and artists. We believe an awareness of what has gone before as well as what is current helps the children to generate ideas, question, explore, create and evaluate their own artworks. We are situated in Central London and our children visit galleries and museums regularly as well as having artists and designers visit us here to inspire the children. 

The use of sketchbooks as well as the awareness of others’ ideas through collaboration and peer to peer class observation has helped the children with their visual learning journey. Thoughts, words and sketches combined with inspirational or reference material such as photographs and maps have encouraged the children to think projects through from beginning to end in a visual way and take ownership of their own ideas. 

In art lessons, Creativity takes courage - it resides in us all. Through art, we provide opportunities for our children to develop their own personal style, while being introduced to tried and proven techniques.

Art lessons are not seen as isolated activities, used to fill out afternoons.  Rather, we view art as a means to help children develop their natural talent.  Art allows all children to develop themselves on a personal level, whilst extending their appreciation and understanding of the world in which they live. 

By the time the children leave us, we hope we have imparted an awareness of the importance of graphic skills as well as the confidence to select and use the most appropriate media for their artwork.  Several of our children have been awarded art scholarships for their secondary schools.