Arts based skills

Every child is an artist. Picasso

We routinely include artwork in a great deal of our work by way of illustration work in diaries, for example, or being aware of the lay-out of a piece of written and illustrated  project work.  

In art lessons, the children paint, draw and produce 3D work in different media. 

Creativity takes courage - it resides in us all. Through art, we provide opportunities for our children to develop their own personal style, while being introduced to tried and proven techniques.

Art lessons are not seen as isolated activities, used to fill out afternoons.  Rather, we view art as a means to help children develop their natural talent.  Art allows all children to develop themselves on a personal level, whilst extending their appreciation and understanding of the world in which they live. 

By the time the children leave us, they have strong graphic skills and the confidence to select and use the most appropriate media for their artwork.  Several of our children have been awarded art scholarships for their secondary schools.

Weaving, Knitting, Sewing

We are aware of the fine skills required and the countless benefits of weaving, knitting and sewing; focus, concentration, manual dexterity, sequencing, design and mathematics and ultimate pleasure in creating something unique.  Children begin weaving in the Early Years and in Years 5 and 6, everyone knits and sews, often working towards a gift or card for a loved one.  The textile designers of the future...