Our Admissions Process

We are here to help you through the Admissions process so please contact our Admissions Team at admissions@dallingtonschool.co.uk with any questions.  

Early registration is strongly advised

  • We have a non-selective entry policy so there is no entry exam or assessment to join our school.  This is a founding ethos of our school and important to us.
  • We work on a first come, first served basis and take children from 3 -11 years old.  Most children join our School in the Nursery.
  • Once a place is secured in the Nursery, children automatically progress through the School until Year 6. 

  • Registration is the first step for all children on our admissions journey and does not guarantee a place at Dallington.​ There is a non-refundable registration fee of  £150, which covers administrative costs. 

  • Children may be registered (from birth) to start in our Nursery following their third birthday, at the beginning of either the Autumn Term (September), Spring Term (January) or Summer Term (April).

  • Having registered your child, their name will be placed on our Entry List and we offer places 5 terms prior to entry and from thereon, on a rolling basis.

  • On receipt of an offer via email, the deadline for acceptance is 7 days after the offer date.  Places are secured by completing the online forms (including signed Terms & Conditions) which will then direct you to pay your deposit.  Your child's place is secured on the successful completion of all stages of this process.

  • We appreciate a timely response to an offer of a place.  We may not be able to hold a place for your child longer than this time.

  • If you are applying for a place in Years 1 to 6, we will invite your child to spend the day in their year group and we can get to know each other.  Afterwards, we will discuss with you whether or not ours is the most appropriate setting for your child.

  • In the term prior to entry, all New Starters (children whose place has been accepted) will be invited to an informal visit to meet the staff and enjoy some time in our Nursery, with you.

  • Relocating families - Naturally we take a flexible approach to our Admissions process and will do our utmost to accommodate your situation and provide alternative ways for your family to experience our school.

  • Throughout your Admissions Journey we will keep in touch with you with news and events so please keep an eye on your emails!