Dallington was founded in 1978 by Mogg Hercules MBE, a maverick and an innovator who believed that children should be listened to and included in their learning, that they should be encouraged to challenge and to be challenged in a secure and stimulating environment that promotes discovery and values a love of learning.  Dallington celebrates individuality, nurtures confident, independent and inquisitive children who are allowed to naturally progress through their Dallington Journey.    

Children from 3 to 11 work and play cooperatively in an informal, bright and airy, open-plan environment.  Mixed ages learn alongside each other, in an atmosphere of mutual respect, where everyone is on first-name terms and there is no uniform.  Throughout the school, a widely creative, cross-curricular and topic-based approach to learning is enjoyed.

Founded by Mogg and now run by her daughter, this family-run school in the heart of London continues to innovate in its outstanding, exciting and widely creative approach to learning.  Celebrating childhood and growing lovely adults.