Healthy Eating

At Dallington we actively promote healthy eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle from an early age. In the Early Years, this is also part of the EYFS statutory framework.  Throughout the whole school the children are encouraged to bring in a healthy lunch and, during the day, a bowl of fresh fruit is provided in each classroom for children to help themselves.

The children are also encouraged to drink water at regular intervals and they have independent access to water throughout the day.  In order to encourage independence, the children in the early years help to prepare the snacks for the day and Healthy Eating is often a topic that is covered in a cross curricular way.

Further information about the benefits of healthy balanced diet for children can be found on the Children's Food Trust website.

Lunch & the Playground

Children are required to bring in a healthy packed lunch, or they can opt to have delicious and nutritious meals delivered by our approved caterers at the nearby Sun Cafe.   Lunchtimes are supervised by dedicated Lunchtime Assistants together with our full time staff. 

We have an hour and half lunch-break to give time for the children to visit the playground in Seward Street, a five-minutes walk around the corner, off Goswell Road.  There is an enclosed ball-court and climbing structures for all ages.  Playtimes are staggered to provide ample space for active play. 

For the Nursery children, we have a fleet of tricycles along with helmets and road signs to encourage pedal power and co-operative play and to promote safe road use.

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